Posted on 12-Dec-2018


Start ups and one man bands do you really want your customers showing up at your private family home unannounced? It often happens in business some peopel pop in on spec which can be rather disconcerting if you're working in the back bedroom and you have kids' toys or dog hairs all over the place!

Wouldn't you prefer to keep your home address private? It's much better for you and your customers if they can see a professional business address showing on your website and also somewhere they can send mail to. It instills more confidence than having no address or a residential address.

A virtual office gives your company a professional customer face. It is also useful if you move around a lot - rather than having to keep updating your business cards and headers, you can just send an updated utility bill to your virtual office provider and your post will be redirected immediately. You could live in Timbuktu for all they know!

During December you can get a London Virtual Office address deposit free. Want to know more? Click here:

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