Posted on 09-Jan-2019


"Start Ups and SMEs - What are your current challenges? Some common complaints are:

• I work from home but I don't want customers just turning up or knowing where I live. I don't want to advertise my private address to the public.
• I am so busy dealing with the day to day running of the office that I don't have time to focus on building my business.
• I'm on the road a lot and cannot take calls while driving or in meetings so I am missing potential clients.
• It's not easy for me to check and respond to my social media enquiries quickly so my response rates on Facebook are suffering and I'm missing out on potential sales.
• We get a lot of emails and don't have time to check/respond to them timely so this is affecting customer service.
• We run training events and we don't have enough staff to effectively get bums on seats, respond to bookings and send out joining instructions etc. so this caused confusion in the office.
• I'm from the pre-social media era and can't get my head around social media management/marketing. I know I need to be on Facebook, googlemybusiness, Linked In, Twitter etc, but I am not sure how to go about getting it all set up and don't have time to manage it.

If you can relate to any of the above, what are you doing about it? Why stress yourself out it needs to be addressed so what is the answer?

A virtual assistant is the answer! A virtual PA/Temp/Assistant can take care of it all. See full post here: